I am the man of well known rubber Mrs Kim a real rubber freak that loves extreme bondages just like Mrs Kim. Only not that beatyfull. But my bondage sessions are even more intense.  You can directly contact me by filling in the contact form.  I do sessions from 2 up to 8 hours. My bondages are for long time. You be in one bondege for at least 1 hour but most of the time longer. I had slaves that could do 8 hours in one rubber bondage and never complain. But of course it is only bondage if you want out. It must be fun also so I never go to far over your limits. I always balance on what I think you can handle. When it really is to much you can give me a sigs and I adjust the bondage or end it. I like my slaves to be real rubber freaks. No matter if you are young or old. I do not have gear in real big sizes. Ionly can do a session with you if you give me the right feeling. My games a real and it must turn me on also. I also do switch sessions. If my playpartner makes it hard on me it will be a reason to get back at him or her. PayBackTime.... Those sessions can end in the most crazy situations. The fist session is always difficult to find out where your limits are. I always keep the safe side of it. Please tell me your fantasy. As long it is heavy rubber I might like it. No sex or nude. Of course I work on you to bring you over the edge.